Securing Keys at Car Dealerships: A Necessity Not To Be Overlooked

August 28, 2023
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Security camera view of a vehicle driving through the car dealership window., image

In the retail world, the value of security cannot be understated. From jewelry shops to tech stores, protective measures are put in place to prevent theft and ensure the safety of assets. However, when it comes to car dealerships, one might assume the sheer size and weight of the inventory would deter thieves. Yet, as a recent incident at a dealership reported proves, this is far from the truth.

A Daring Heist

In an audacious theft, burglars managed to steal multiple cars from a dealership, driving them straight through the windows. A scene reminiscent of an action movie played out in real life, highlighting a glaring vulnerability in dealership security protocols: the unsecured keys.

Why Securing Keys is Crucial

  • High Value of Assets: Cars, especially new ones, are high-value items. A single key grants access to an asset that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Multiply this by the number of cars on a lot, and the potential loss from not securing keys becomes astronomical.
  • Ease of Theft: With the keys readily available, stealing a car becomes much simpler. There’s no need for hot-wiring or specialized tools. A thief can be in and out in a matter of minutes.
  • Safety Concerns: Beyond the financial losses, there are potential safety concerns. Stolen cars can be used in the commission of other crimes or even result in accidents if driven recklessly.
  • Insurance Implications: Failing to secure keys can lead to complications with insurance claims. Insurance companies may view the dealership’s lack of security precautions as negligence, potentially leading to higher premiums or even denial of claims.
  • Reputational Damage: News of such thefts can spread rapidly. Potential customers may perceive the dealership as careless or unprofessional, which can harm business in the long run.

Consequences of Not Securing Keys

The immediate consequence is, of course, the loss of valuable inventory. But the ripple effects can be more extensive:

  • Financial Strain: The immediate financial loss from the theft of vehicles can strain a dealership’s finances, especially with smaller businesses.
  • Operational Challenges: Lost cars mean disrupted sales plans, delays, and potential contractual complications if pre-sold vehicles are stolen.
  • Legal Implications: If it’s proven that a dealership was negligent in its security measures, it could face legal consequences or lawsuits.

Steps to Enhance Security

To prevent such incidents, dealerships should consider:

  • Key Management Systems: Advanced key control systems can track and manage access to car keys, ensuring only authorized personnel can access them. The iSafe Pro is a great example for a simple and secure solution to control your keys.
  • Cameras and Alarm Systems: These can act as deterrents and provide valuable evidence in the event of a theft.
  • Physical Barriers: Implementing gates, barriers, or even bollards can prevent easy exits for would-be thieves.
  • Security Personnel: Having round-the-clock security personnel can be a deterrent and can provide rapid responses if a theft is attempted.

The importance of securing keys at a car dealership cannot be overstated. The recent incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of overlooking such a crucial aspect of security. It’s not just about preventing financial losses but ensuring the safety of the community and maintaining a trustworthy reputation in the business.

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