Suspects Caught in Thefts From Chicago Dealership

May 24, 2022
3 min read

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS - Early Sunday morning, an employee of the dealership reported a theft after the glass was shattered from a service bay window. It was found that multiple key fobs were stolen to some high-end vehicles. There were no reports on if the keys were managed in a key system, or by a different means.

Thankfully, one of the stolen vehicles was able to be tracked via helicopter, all thanks to the Chicago Police Department. Although the suspect has yet to be charged, he has been detained, which could lead to more information on a possible larger theft ring, related to other instances in the Chicago area. In recent months, a CDJR store across the street was subject to a break-in, but no vehicles or keys were stolen.

As dealership thefts continue to occur across the United States, what steps are being taken to increase your security with your keys? If you’re considering a key management system at your dealership, consider some factors such as its capabilities, reporting, process orientation, integration, longevity, and more.

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