The Rising Tide of Dealership Thefts: An Urgent Call for Enhanced Security

June 19, 2023
3 min read
Security camera still of a car dealerships broken front door., image

GRAHAM - With the recent surge in thefts at automotive dealerships, there is a growing call to re-evaluate and significantly enhance security measures within the industry. An incident highlighting the escalating problem occurred in Graham, North Carolina, where four cars were stolen from a local dealership, totaling over $200,000 in value, adding to the increasing tally of similar crimes nationwide.

The incident in question occurred at an unassuming dealership where four valuable cars were stolen in a well-orchestrated act of thievery. This incident has added more fuel to the argument about the pressing need for improved security systems at car dealerships. It is a stark reminder that no business is impervious to criminal activity, regardless of size or location.

There’s no denying that car dealerships make appealing targets for thieves. They are filled with high-value assets, often located in less congested areas, and may not be equipped with sophisticated security measures. Therefore, it is crucial for all car dealerships, irrespective of their scale or the number of their high-end vehicles, to reassess their security protocols.

One element that needs addressing is the level of physical security at dealerships. It’s not sufficient anymore to rely on traditional security methods like basic alarm systems or CCTV cameras. These tools may deter some opportunistic thieves, but they are largely ineffective against organized criminal groups who are often behind these major heists. Modern security measures should include advanced systems such as motion detectors, high-resolution security cameras, biometric access controls, and round-the-clock monitored security systems. Key control systems are becoming a larger topic of conversation as well, to help secure and audit all activity on the keys to the cars. These will provide a more comprehensive security cover that can detect, deter, and document any illicit activities.

Implementing advanced security systems isn’t just about preventing thefts. It also provides a safer environment for employees and customers. It helps protect the business from liability issues that can arise from security breaches, and it can even lower insurance premiums in some cases. Moreover, close cooperation with local law enforcement agencies is crucial. Dealerships can benefit from sharing information about thefts and attempted thefts with law enforcement and other businesses in their area. This collaboration could lead to faster recovery of stolen assets and help in the apprehension of criminals.

Theft from car dealerships is a serious issue that is causing significant financial losses and disrupting business operations. While the recent incident in Graham is just one of many, it underscores the urgent need to overhaul dealership security measures. With a comprehensive approach that combines advanced technology, trained security personnel, and community cooperation, car dealerships can significantly reduce the risk of thefts and secure their valuable assets.

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