The Vulnerability of Certain Key Systems at Car Dealerships: A Wake-Up Call from Hickory

July 10, 2023
3 min read
News anchor standing next to a KeyPer key security system that was pried open., image

HICKORY - The recent incident at a car dealership on July 6, 2023, shines a spotlight on the vulnerability of certain key systems in such establishments. The thieves reportedly made away with vehicles worth a staggering $300,000, highlighting the ease with which they were able to manipulate the key system and evade existing security measures in only three to four minutes.

The dealership was targeted primarily because the thieves were able to break through the dealership's glass door and bypass the key system effortlessly, gaining access to several high-value vehicles. This signifies a worrying gap in the dealership’s security, emphasizing the importance of advanced and secure key management protocols for any automotive retail business. The traditional method of securing vehicle keys, often involving locked drawers or cabinets, evidently falls short in the face of sophisticated theft operations.

This incident stresses the need for state-of-the-art vehicle key security systems in car dealerships such as 1Micro’s iSafe Pro 6.0, equipped with iOptix for the ultimate security package. Solutions could include systems that leverage advanced technology to control and track access to vehicle keys. Such systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access keys and provide an audit trail of who has accessed which key and when.

Furthermore, regular penetration testing can be carried out to identify any potential vulnerabilities in the vehicle key security systems. This proactive approach will help dealerships rectify weak points before criminals can exploit them.

The incident at Hickory is a timely reminder for car dealerships worldwide to re-evaluate their key security systems. Protecting their valuable inventory requires advanced systems and a commitment to regularly updating and testing these systems to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats. Learn more about how 1Micro can help secure your keys and assets!

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