Three Vehicles Stolen After Bricks Shatter Dealership Glass Doors

April 30, 2021
3 min read

BRONZEVILLE - There appear to be active groups of thieves at the ready for stealing cars, almost down to a science. For this crew, all it took were a few bricks and 2 minutes to get cars out of a dealership service drive.

From video surveillance at 2:00 am, it seems the keys were already in the car. The video shows after the thieves break in, they immediately run to the cars and leave in a single file line out of the service drive.

Whenever we consult our customers on their security or processes, the big piece we highlight (and we know it’s obvious!) is that you need the key to access or drive the vehicle. With the KeyMaster products, your keys are secured within 600 lbs of thick aluminum. What kind of hindrance can this be in a situation like this, versus the keys sitting in the car?

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