Virginia Police Investigating Multiple Car Thefts From Dealerships

Posted by Team 1Micro
October 5, 2022
4 min read

STERLING - The Sheriff’s Office in Loudon County is proactively spreading awareness at local dealerships after a recent uptick in vehicle thefts. In a period of just over a month, eight vehicles have been stolen from dealerships, including retail inventory and customer vehicles.

Dodge seems to be the top brand stolen, but there are other high-end vehicles targeted as well. Of the eight vehicles stolen, a few have been recovered, but no arrests have been made. The combined value of the stolen vehicles totals over a whopping $750,000.

The one-page handout listed very helpful information to help better secure a dealership, such as:

Security Cameras and Lighting - having cameras on the watch can help deter a thief from attempting a break-in or theft. Many criminals work in the dark; having bright lights across your dealership’s parking lot can help keep your business safe!

GPS Tracking Technology - real-time tracking or immobilization devices can stop a thief on the run or help find the vehicle quicker.

Limiting Entry and Exit Points - barricades or gates are one more hurdle for a thief to get through. We have seen criminals drive through doors, glass, and even other cars, so it’s not a complete stopping point, but it could help.

Key Control and Security - keeping keys and key fobs secure in your dealership is definitely important. It’s very difficult to start a vehicle without the key. We recommend products such as the KeyMaster or the KeyMaster Lite to secure your keys.

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